Here you can build your own Knight 3000 Scanner. It´ll be round about $200. You only need those parts:
- WS2812B LED STRIPE 5V (TOTAL 360 LED´S) link
- DC/DC Step-down modul 12V to 5V minimum 8A link
- 1 box and some wires. link
- 1 "U-Profile" from your local Hardware store. (to put 3 Stripes per side into it)

Building time for the electronic box is 6 to 10 hours. (Depending on your Skills)
Building time for the 2 lightbars is about 4 hours.

The Software:

In this version you can connect with wifi "K3000_V2020-08_004" and password "Comtron1234" to the Scanner and change the Modes. Just open the the website in any Browser.

You need the arduino Software to upload the Programm to the controller.

Connect USB to the arduino ONLY when the 12V Power supply is connected or no LED-Bars are connected!